The Mega Millions Tuesday Night Playback Special

An Australia Play is a special play indeed. In Mega Millions (and Powerball), it translates to the Pattern, General Order, and Specific Order being the same. That is, {1-1-1-1-1-1}, [1-1-1-1-1-1], and 1 1 1 1 1 1, respectively. Another thing that makes an Australia Play special is that given how joined at the hip the Pattern, General Order, and Specific Order are, they all play on the same date. For our new readers, and anyone who may need a refresher, anytime the Pattern, General Order, and Specific Order play together is called a playback. All Australia Plays are playbacks, but not all playbacks are Australia Plays.

A note before we continue: For Lotto Texas, an Australia Play occurs when the {2-2-2} Pattern and 2 2 2 Specific Order are featured. Now, back to Mega Millions.

The February 8, 2022 drawing did not feature an Australia Play encore, but a playback was present. It was thanks to this playback that the jackpot grew to $42 million.

General Lottery Analysis

The {2-2-1-1} Pattern made its 208th appearance with 1, 17, 20, 52, 54 and MB 2.

No Australia Play here! Source:

There have now been 748 Mega Millions drawings, and this Pattern has now played 27.8% of the time.

The [1-2-2-1] General Order, now with 74 appearances, has played in 35.6% of the 208 drawings where {2-2-1-1} was the winning Pattern. Once all 748 drawings have been taken into consideration, this General Order has played 9.89% of the time.

Now with 11 appearances, the 1 2 0 2 0 1 Specific Order has played in 14.9% of the 74 drawings where the General Order was [1-2-2-1]. This Specific Order has also played in 5.29% of the 208 drawings where {2-2-1-1} was the winning Pattern and in 1.47% of all 748 drawings.

Prior to Tuesday night, the {2-2-1-1} Pattern, [1-2-2-1] General Order, and the 1 2 0 2 0 1 Specific Order played in the January 28, 2022 drawing.

Three-Number Combinations

Mega Millions decided to take a break on repeating Three-Number Combinations.

Although it’s only been for a couple of drawings, could Mega Millions be developing a love for playbacks? We’ll have to wait until Friday night to see if another one shows up, or if Mega Millions decides another Pattern kicks off the weekend.

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