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Freyja Y. Harris, a.k.a. “Lotterymeister”

Lottery Binge is meant to provide lottery analysis four days a week for Powerball and Mega Millions, henceforth known as The Big Two, and Lotto Texas.  I’m not affiliated with either of these lotteries, nor do I distribute lottery trending or analysis software. This blog is meant to be informative and entertaining. The analysis of lottery results and opinions of such are my opinion unless stated otherwise. Every so often there will be references to “real life” and the far-flung decade known as the 2000s. I am not liable for any nostalgia pangs, fates of your favorite teams, damage to property, or losses accrued whilst playing any of these lotteries.

I’ve been hanging out in my little corner of the Internet providing lottery analysis since 2016. Even though I’m a math nerd (Computer Engineers represent!), I like to write. I get to combine two of my favorite things while breaking down the complexities of the lottery. Yes, there is a method to the madness!

Spamming is annoying and uncool. If you have a question, comment, or complaint, use a valid email address and drop a line in the comment section or send an email to lotterymeister@lotterytrend.net. You can follow me on Twitter (@lotterybinge).

The contents of this blog can be shared with friends, families, and colleagues. However, if you wish to use any of this content in a research or academic setting you must cite your sources. Otherwise, it’s plagiarism.

Above all, play (and drink) responsibly and have fun!

I also have an artistic side. You can check it out on Instagram at artofzematter.