It’s a {3-2-1} Kind of July

We’re halfway through July and Lotto Texas has found a summer love. That love is “{3-2-1}”. This lottery has been in the grips of a Pattern streak since the end of June, and the aftermath of Wednesday night’s drawing showed no sign of a break-up! Sticking with this Pattern for the sixth time in a row led to the prize rising to $12.25 million.

A Pattern love affair wasn’t all that happened July 17th. Powerball’s jackpot quietly climbed to $53 million.

Lotto Texas

General Lottery Analysis

With winning numbers 8, 15, 25, 38, 39, and 52, the {3-2-1} Pattern made its 882nd appearance.

Can’t stop lovin’ that Pattern! Source:

This Pattern has played in 52.7% of the 1673 Lotto Texas drawings and was last seen July 13, 2019.

Now with 123 appearances, the 2 1 3 Specific Order has played in 13.9% of the 882 drawings where {3-2-1} was the winning Pattern. Once all 1673 drawings have been taken into consideration, this Specific Order has played 7.35% of the time. Prior to Wednesday night, the 2 1 3 Specific Order played June 29, 2019.

Four-Number Combination(s)

The tagalong in this relationship was lone repeating Four-Number Combination 8, 15, 38, and 39.

First showing up nearly ten years ago. Source:

This Combination debuted July 29, 2009 and was last seen May 20, 2017.


General Lottery Analysis

The {2-2-1-1} Pattern made its 108th appearance with 19, 43, 47, 60, 68, and PB 10.

Keeping a low profile. Source:

Of the 395 Powerball drawings, this Pattern has played 27.3% of the time.

The [1-2-2-1] General Order, now with 32 appearances, has played in 29.6% of the 108 drawings where {2-2-1-1} was the winning Pattern. This General Order has also played in 8.10% of all 395 drawings.

Both the {2-2-1-1} Pattern and the [1-2-2-1] General Order were last seen June 29, 2019.

Now with three appearances, the 0 1 0 2 2 1 Specific Order has played in 9.375% of the 32 drawings where the General Order was [1-2-2-1]. This Specific Order has also played in 2.78% of the 108 drawings where {2-2-1-1} was the winning Pattern and in 0.76% of all 395 drawings. The 0 1 0 2 2 1 Specific Order was last seen March 30, 2019.

Three-Number Combination(s)

There were two repeating Three-Number Combinations:

Hidden depths. Source:

Will the love for the {3-2-1} Pattern continue Saturday night, or will another Pattern put an end to the relationship? As for Powerball, could a {2-2-1-1} Pattern encore be in the works?

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