Mega Millions Marches Out

March, so they say, comes roaring in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Mega Millions lived up to the saying March 2023! This lottery started the month with its most common Pattern and four repeating Three-Number Combinations. The number of repeating Three-Number Combinations was drastically reduced Friday night, and Mega Millions opted for a less “outgoing” Pattern, but that didn’t hinder jackpot growth. As March made way for April, the jackpot grew to $385 million!

General Lottery Analysis

With winning numbers 16, 26, 27, 42, 61 and MB 23, the {3-1-1-1} Pattern made its 163rd appearance in the March 31, 2023 drawing.

The {3-1-1-1} Pattern, jackpot boost edition. Source:

This Pattern has now played in 18.8% of the 867 Mega Millions drawings and was last seen March 21, 2023.

The [3-1-1-1] General Order, now with 62 appearances, has played in 38% of the 163 drawings where {3-1-1-1} was the winning Pattern. Once all 867 drawings have been taken into consideration, this General Order has played 7.15% of the time. August 9, 2022 was the last time the [3-1-1-1] General Order was seen.

Now with 11 appearances, the 0 3 1 0 1 1 Specific Order has played in 17.7% of the 62 drawings where the General Order was [3-1-1-1]. This Specific Order has also played in 6.75% of the 163 drawings where {3-1-1-1} was the winning Pattern and in 1.27% of all 867 drawings. Prior to Friday night, the 0 3 1 0 1 1 Specific Order played May 3, 2022.

Three-Number Combinations

Repeating Three-Number Combination 26, 27 and MB 23 debuted August 18, 2020.

With room enough for a repeating Three-Number Combination! Source:

Will April keep the Mega Millions jackpot large and strong, or will it be a month of resetting?

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