Combination Parade

And so, with the February 26th, 2019 drawing, Mega Millions bid “Farewell” to February. What better way to end the month than a Pattern encore, right? Start off March with a Pattern streak, too.

Or perhaps a playback? We haven’t seen an Australia Play in a while, either.

Alright, I’ll level with ya. None of those things happened Tuesday night. Instead, Mega Millions had the bold idea of playing a repeating Four-Number (yes, Four-Number) Combination! A blog post introduction cannot do justice describing the fallout of such an event. If that wasn’t intense enough, the grand prize officially crossed over into quarter-billion-dollar territory, now standing tall at $267 million.

General Lottery Analysis

With winning numbers 10, 12, 14, 24, 60, and MB 20, the {3-1-1-1} Pattern made its 85th appearance.

Six numbers that shook things up. Source:

Of the 440 Mega Millions drawings, this Pattern has played 19.3% of the time and was last seen January 15th, 2019.

The [3-1-1-1] General Order made its 30th appearance and has now played in 35.3% of the 85 drawings where {3-1-1-1} was the winning Pattern. This General Order has also played in roughly 6.82% of all 440 drawings. Prior to Tuesday night, the [3-1-1-1] General Order played September 21st, 2018.

Now with four appearances, the 3 1 0 0 1 1 Specific Order has played in 13.3% of the 30 drawings where the General Order was [3-1-1-1]. This Specific Order has also played in 4.71% of the 85 drawings where {3-1-1-1} was the winning Pattern and in 0.90% of all 440 drawings. The 3 1 0 0 1 1 Specific Order was last seen February 23rd, 2018.

Four-Number Combination

In a stroke of genius (madness?), Mega Millions threw out the repeating Four-Number Combination 10, 14, 24, and 60.

The royal repeating Four-Number Combination! Source:

This loner made its debut in the June 17th, 2014 drawing!

Three-Number Combination(s)

Of course, when you have a repeating Four-Number Combination, there are four repeating Three-Number Combinations just waiting to burst out!

  • 14, 24, 60
  • 10, 24, 60
  • 10, 14, 60
  • 10, 14, 24

As to be expected, all of the above made their debut June 17th, 2014.

Would you believe that these weren’t the only repeating Three-Number Combinations? In fact, there were two more:

  • 10, 12, 60 (Debuted July 24th, 2015)
  • 12, 14, 24 (Debuted November 17th, 2015)
A purple and red night. Source:

No doubt about it, a repeating Four-Number Combination was a bold move for Mega Millions and it paid off spectacularly! This lottery has the honor of welcoming March, and it will certainly be roaring in. Thing is, Tuesday night’s drawing is a tough act to follow. Will Mega Millions outdo itself Friday?

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