They Came in Pairs

Tuesday, that day that’s one less to worry about before Friday, and of course, one of the nights when a Mega Millions drawing takes place. Speaking of which, there were no Pattern encores the night of April 18, 2017, nor did any Specific Orders make their debut. Nonetheless, there were a couple of developments that caught the attention of this blog. One such development was the appearance of two repeating Three-Number Combinations. The other development wasn’t so obvious.

The {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern remained the most commonly seen Pattern, with Tuesday night’s drawing bringing the number of appearances up to 149. The winning numbers were 8, 29, 30, 43, 64, and MB 6.

Winning Mega Millions numbers.

This Pattern has played in roughly 40.8% of the 365 Mega Millions drawings, and previously played in the April 7, 2017 drawing about a week-and-a-half ago.

Having now made 44 appearances, the [1-2-1-1-1] General Order has played in 29.5% of the 149 drawings where the {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern has appeared. This statistic becomes 12.1% when looking at all 365 drawings. The [1-2-1-1-1] played alongside the {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern in the April 7th drawing described earlier.

The 1 2 1 0 1 1 Specific Order made its 10th appearance, meaning it has now played in 22.7% of the 44 drawings where the [1-2-1-1-1] General Order has appeared. This Specific Order has also played in 6.71% of the 149 drawings where the {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern has appeared, and in 2.74% of all 365 drawings. Date-wise, this Specific Order did not play alongside the {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern and the [1-2-1-1-1] General Order. Prior to Tuesday, the last time the 1 2 1 0 1 1 Specific Order played was in the February 21, 2017 drawing.

The repeating Three-Number Combinations of the evening were as follows:

The repeating Three-Number Combinations are in the same row (this time…)

What will Friday’s Mega Millions drawing have in store? Will there be more repeating Three-Number Combinations? Will the {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern go for an encore appearance?

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