A Very Special Post

Lately, we here at Lottery Trend have come across websites that are using our information and the creators of said sites are not giving us credit. This is the first of a series of special posts created in order to set the record straight.

Our sites constantly show how often Combinations play. We do this in order for people to see the futility in playing repeating Combinations, particularly Three, Four, and Five-Number Combinations. We were unable to find documentation for Combination counts, particularly for Three, Four, and Five-Number Combinations. This led us to the design and creation of algorithms that allow for a rapid count for these Combos.

The Combination is just one concept. We created the concept of Patterns based on groups back in 1992. We were met with great skepticism, if not outright dismissal.

Now, we don’t mind if you would like to use the information on our sites for your own. However, you must cite your sources; otherwise it’s plagiarism.

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