Mega Millions: Stuck

“What’s going on?! It’s not supposed to be like this!” Mega Millions thought.

Someone just had to win that massive jackpot, and on Friday the 13th, no less. Ever since, the jackpot never strayed far from $20 million. Sure, the jackpot would climb up a little, but it would reset just as swiftly. Speaking of reset, that’s exactly what happened Tuesday night. Now Mega Millions, fuming and spitting nails, must contend with another $20 million prize.

General Lottery Analysis

The jackpot reset of January 31, 2023 was thanks to the {2-2-1-1} Pattern. With winning numbers 7, 9, 18, 29, 39 and MB 13, this Pattern has now played 239 times.

The beleaguered Mega Millions. Source:

This Pattern has now played in 28.1% of the 850 Mega Millions drawings and was last seen January 24, 2023.

The [2-1-2-1] General Order, now with 76 appearances, has played in 31.8% of the 239 drawings where {2-2-1-1} was the winning Pattern. Once all 850 drawings have been taken into consideration, this General Order has played 8.94% of the time. December 27, 2022 was the last time the [2-1-2-1] General Order played.

Now with nine appearances, the 2 1 2 0 0 1 Specific Order has played in 11.8% of the 76 drawings where the General Order was [2-1-2-1]. This Specific Order has also played in 3.77% of the 239 drawings where {2-2-1-1} was the winning Pattern and in 1.06% of all 850 drawings. Prior to Tuesday night, the 2 1 2 0 0 1 Specific Order played June 21, 2022.

Three-Number Combinations

Mega Millions managed to eke out a couple of repeating Three-Number Combinations:

Bunched together. Source:

Can Mega Millions break out of this reset cycle and get the jackpot rising again February?

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