Shameless Plug: Instagram

For years, I resisted the urge to create another social media account. I rarely post on Facebook, so why invest in yet another platform…which is now owned by Facebook?

Resistance was futile, as it was late last year that I broke down and created an Instagram profile. I wanted to show my artistic side, build an audience so that when other artistic endeavors drop, there’s a fan base ready to like and spread the word. Oh, there would be pictures of food here and there, too. And then, I was hit by a double whammy.

One, I wasn’t consistent with posting and when I did post, my feed wasn’t really consistent. Number Two was something crazy in hindsight, and it’s something I do not recommend to anyone engaging in creative endeavors: I compared myself to other artists. That, and not knowing what to draw caused me to avoid Instagram altogether. I let the account set for almost a year before I posted anything.

Back in September, I participated in an art challenge. Once every three days, I’d post something, and it got me some likes. Okay, I thought, this is something I could work with. Then October came, and I started posting more drawings. I was starting to get back in the groove and finding my aesthetic.

And then, November’s Huevember challenge really helped me find something I could stick with, and as a result, I ended up archiving September and most of October’s posts. The challenge helped remind me of the other reason I joined Instagram: to maintain a consistent drawing habit.

Here are a few things I worked on in December:

A recent sketch:

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset. Sketching out a family. From @artofzematter

Want to see more of my artsy side?  Check out my Instagram account @artofzematter. Feel free to like, comment, share and follow!  

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