Special Post: Knowing When It’s Time to Quit Your Job

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But what if you’re currently unemployed or feeling unfulfilled at your current job? Tech jobs are in high demand. Career Karma is a network of like-minded individuals helping each other seek employment and enhance their careers in the STEM world. Today’s guest post is by Artur Meyster, CTO of Career Karma:

Feeling Uncomfortable at Work? How to Tell if It’s Time to Quit

When searching for a new job, many people have high expectations. However, after starting out in a new role, sometimes things might not be what you expected. Because of the high demand for qualified talent, employers are doing whatever they can to convince skilled candidates to join their company. Even though you may be making an exceptionally high salary, you could still be unhappy.

If you’re in a job where you feel unhappy but don’t know if it’s the right time to quit, you should look for the following signs. Noticing these will help you decide if your job is not a good fit for you.

You Can’t Be Yourself

Your personality is what makes you unique. If you can’t be yourself at your job, it’s a sign that it’s the right time to quit. When employees can’t express their feelings, they feel uncomfortable and frustrated. In this case, your performance will start to decline. Talk with your boss to express your feelings and try to find a solution. But, if you can’t solve the problem, don’t hesitate to write a resignation letter.

The Company Doesn’t Practice What It Preaches

Maybe during the interview, it seemed like the job of your dreams. But, you arrive at your new job, and the company doesn’t practice what it preaches. If this happens, you should leave to look for a job where your values align with those of the company. Before applying for new jobs, do some research to see if the company’s culture meets your expectations.

Your Responsibilities Are Overwhelming

Having a lot of responsibility on your shoulders can increase your stress levels significantly. Constantly dealing with stressful situations can have adverse effects on your health. Admitting that you can’t handle your work tasks may be a blow to your pride. But, don’t hesitate to ask for help or a break if necessary. Don’t push yourself too hard and recognize when it’s time to take time off.

A full-stack developer, for example, often has to deal with stressful situations during a project. They have to meet deadlines and provide results in a short timeframe. Given that, they must ask for help, otherwise the company will not meet its deadlines. If your boss makes you feel even more stressed, it’s another sign you should leave.

The Company Does Not Encourage Learning

Keeping your skills up to date is crucial for staying relevant and increasing your future job opportunities. Having a job that provides you with personal and professional growth is essential. If learning isn’t emphasized by the company, you should think about quitting. If you can’t learn new skills, you’ll be left behind, and finding a better job will be a struggle. Ask your boss if you can take online courses or enroll in a vocational school.

Vocational schools like General Assembly, for example, help students learn in-demand programming skills. Ask your boss if you can get tuition reimbursement benefits for a course like this. Otherwise, analyze the situation and see if there’s a chance for the company to provide an on-site class.

You Don’t Feel Motivated

A lack of motivation can be a good sign you should leave your job. However, before making a decision, you should see what’s going wrong. Being unmotivated will affect your performance. Analyze if it’s the work environment or your colleagues that are harming your motivation. Collaborating on projects and engaging in teamwork can be one way to fix the issue. If your co-workers disagree to teamwork and keep you in a bad mood all day, you should think about quitting.

You Aren’t Using Your Strengths

Sometimes you may land in a new job that seems perfect. But, in a few months, you may realize that you aren’t using your best skills. If you can’t use your strengths, you will feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

For example, if a software engineer isn’t using their coding skills, they can’t learn new techniques to implement better practices. As long as you can use your strengths, you will be on the right path to success. If there’s no chance that you can use your strongest skills, you should leave.


A job that allows you to become better each day is essential to prepare yourself for future challenges. If your current position affects you emotionally or is holding back your career, don’t hesitate to start a new job search. Although money is important for paying the bills, remaining competitive requires more than just a handsome salary. Look for jobs that will provide you with an appropriate work-life balance and the benefits to help you level up your skills.

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