Springtime Mega Millions Encores

Spring has sprung! If you’re reading this from the Northern Hemisphere, March 20th (or 19th, depending on who you ask) was the lead-in to warmer weather and a season of new beginnings. Mega Millions wasn’t quite ready to make the leap into something new this past Friday night. This “safe” play helped send the jackpot past the $100 million mark; $101 million, to be precise.

General Lottery Analysis

The March 20, 2020 drawing saw the 25th appearance of the {3-2-1} Pattern with winning numbers 34, 35, 41, 45, 54, and MB 5.

An unexpected Pattern encore! Source: lotterytrend-megamillions.com.

This Pattern has now played in 4.54% of the 551 Mega Millions drawings.

The [3-2-1] General Order, now with 14 appearances, has played in 56% of the 25 drawings where {3-2-1} was the winning Pattern. Once all 551 drawings have been taken into consideration, this General Order has played 2.54% of the time.

Both the {3-2-1} Pattern and the [3-2-1] General Order were last seen in this past Tuesday’s drawing. Think of it as a St. Patrick’s Day double encore special!

Now with three appearances, the 0 0 3 2 0 1 Specific Order has played in 21.4% of the 14 drawings where the General Order was [3-2-1]. This Specific Order has also played in 12% of the 25 drawings where {3-2-1} was the winning Pattern and in 0.54% of all 551 drawings. The  0 0 3 2 0 1 Specific Order was last seen October 11, 2016. This was reconfigured from the 0 0 4 1 0 1 Specific Order seen that night.

Three-Number Combination(s)

The repeating Three-Number Combination, 35, 41, and MB 5, debuted November 7, 2014.

An “ancient” Three-Number Combination. Source: lotterytrend-megamillions.com.

Could the {3-2-1} Pattern have a three-peat Tuesday night?

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