Two Cheers for Common Patterns!

The word “common” isn’t normally a word to describe a lottery. There’s nothing common about flirting with a billion dollars or a record-breaking Pattern streak, that’s for sure! Lottery analysts live for those sorts of things, you know. What is common, however, is a Pattern, or in this case, two Patterns.

We’ve reached the halfway point of the month, and to celebrate (if you can call it that), Lotto Texas and Powerball played their most common Patterns May 15th. Another, ahem, commonality, was keeping people away from the grand prizes. After Wednesday night, the jackpots rose to $5.75 million and $270 million, respectively.

Lotto Texas

General Lottery Analysis

With winning numbers 10, 16, 20, 21, 29, and 49, the {3-2-1} Pattern made its 870th appearance.

There’s more to this than meets the eye. Source:

Of the 1655 Lotto Texas drawings to date, this Pattern has played 52.6% of the time and was last seen May 1, 2019.

Now with 143 appearances, the 2 3 1 Specific Order has played in 16.4% of the 870 drawings where {3-2-1} was the winning Pattern. Once all 1655 drawings have been taken into consideration, this Specific Order has played 8.64% of the time. Prior to Wednesday night, the 2 3 1 Specific Order played April 27, 2019.

Four-Number Combination(s)

Lotto Texas wasn’t going to show up with just its most common Pattern. There were two repeating Four-Number Combinations!

Red looks good on this table. Source:


General Lottery Analysis

The {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern made its 140th appearance with winning numbers 7, 17, 33, 61, 68, and PB 4.

The 140th time and still charming. Source:

This Pattern has played in 37.1% of the 377 Powerball drawings and was last seen May 4, 2019.

The [1-1-1-2-1] General Order, now with 40 appearances, has played in 28.6% of the 140 drawings where {2-1-1-1-1} was the winning Pattern. This General Order has also played in 10.6% of all 377 drawings.

Now with twelve appearances, the 1 1 1 0 2 1 Specific Order has played in 30% of the 40 drawings where the General Order was [1-1-1-2-1]. This Specific Order has also played in 8.57% of the 140 drawings where {2-1-1-1-1} was the winning Pattern and in 3.18% of all 377 drawings.

Both the [1-1-1-2-1] General Order and the 1 1 1 0 2 1 Specific Order were last seen April 20, 2019.

Three-Number Combination(s)

The lone repeating Three-Number Combination, 7, 33, and PB 4, debuted January 10, 2018.

Alone at the top (or in red, at least). Source:

Things look to heat up for at least one of these lotteries Saturday night. Both Patterns are notorious for streaks. After all, that’s part of why they are the most commonly seen! Pattern encores or no, someone is either going to walk away with the prize money or the prizes are going to continue to climb.

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