Scaling Back a Bit

The month of April ended with a bang. There was an Australia Play and a repeating Four-Number Combination in Lotto Texas, and a repeating Three-Number Combination in Powerball. Although there was nothing in the May 3rd drawings that screamed “Blowout!” there were some big plays.

Lotto Texas

One of these big plays was the 162nd appearance of the {4-2} Pattern, which isn’t commonly seen in Lotto Texas. Wednesday’s winning numbers were 4, 13, 42, 46, 52, and 53.

Winning Texas Lottery numbers. From

This Pattern has now played in 11.2% of the 1443 drawings and was last seen in the March 4, 2017 drawing.

The 2 0 4 Specific Order made its 21st appearance, and has now played in roughly 13% of the 162 drawings where the {4-2} Pattern appeared. This statistic becomes 1.46% when taking all 1443 drawings into account. Prior to Wednesday, this Specific Order previously played in the February 8, 2017 drawing.


Powerball saw the {2-2-1-1} Pattern, with winning numbers 17, 18, 49, 59, 66, and PB 9.

Winning Powerball numbers. From

Now with 50 appearances, this Pattern has played in 30.3% of the 165 Powerball drawings. The {2-2-1-1} Pattern previously played in the March 25, 2017 drawing.

Making its 15th appearance, the [2-1-2-1] General Order has now played in 30% of the 50 drawings where the {2-2-1-1} Pattern has appeared, and in 9.09% of all Powerball drawings. This General Order was previously seen in the March 22, 2017 drawing.

The big play of the evening in Powerball was the debut of the 0 2 0 1 2 1 Specific Order. This Specific Order has now played in 6.667% of the 15 drawings where the [2-1-2-1] General Order has appeared and in 2% of the 50 drawings where the {2-2-1-1} Pattern appeared. When taking all 165 Powerball drawings into account, the 0 2 0 1 2 1 Specific Order has played 0.606% of the time.

Will the weekend give us a {2-2-1-1} repeat in Powerball? Will another Specific Order make its debut?

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