Everything’s Cool Now

We’re halfway through November, and it looks like autumn has finally arrived for us in Lottery Trend country. As some sense of normality tries to break through in the “real world”, the November 15th Mega Millions drawing was about as “normal” as you could get.

For starters, we saw the {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern, thanks to winning numbers 9, 17, 23, 57, 71, and MB 6. With 129 appearances, the {2-1-1-1-1} is the most commonly played Pattern by a healthy margin.

Winning Mega Millions numbers from lotterytrend-megamillions.com.
Winning Mega Millions numbers from lotterytrend-megamillions.com.

With that said, the {2-1-1-1-1} Pattern has played in 40.2% of the 321 Mega Millions drawings to date. This Pattern was previously seen earlier this month in the November 4th drawing.

The General Order of the evening was [1-2-1-1-1], making its 39th appearance. As of Tuesday night, this General Order has appeared in 30.2% of the drawings that the {2-1-1-1-1} has played. When taking all 321 drawings into account, we see that the [1-2-1-1-1] General Order has played 12.1% of the time. Prior to Tuesday, the [1-2-1-1-1] General Order was previously seen in the October 21st, 2016 drawing.

We conclude our coverage with the eighth appearance of the 1 2 0 1 1 1 Specific Order. This Specific Order has now played in 20.5% of the drawings where the [1-2-1-1-1] General Order has appeared. When looking at the 129 drawings where {2-1-1-1-1} was the winning Pattern, this becomes 6.20% of the time. The total percentage, when taking all 321 drawings into account, is 2.49%. To see when the 1 2 0 1 1 1 Specific Order previously played, we need to go back to the September 27th, 2016 drawing.

As we head to the weekend and (US) Thanksgiving preparations get underway, will Mega Millions continue to give off a sense of “normality”, or will there be a surprise?

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