Got the 3-1-1-1?

We humans are creatures that, although we love excitement, truly crave the ordinary and the routine. By “routine”, we mean “repetition”. Why do we keep going back to Hogwarts? Why do we have the latest Adele song on repeat? Why do we keep watching the cat fall into the pool over and over? Well, we get to pick up on things we missed the first (few) time(s) around, or sometimes we just want to listen to that song over and over again. Above all, it makes us feel good.

Patterns are truly special and they’re even more special when they appear for the second time in the same week. We’re going to touch on this more in just a bit, but for now, here are the winning numbers from the Mega Millions drawing on Friday, June 3rd:


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The {3-1-1-1} Pattern played Friday, just as it had back on May 31st. This Pattern has only played 44 out of 274 drawings to date, which puts it about 16.06%. Could there be something to it?

Even though the same Pattern played on Friday, the General Order was not the same! If you remember this week’s earlier post on Mega Millions, the following General Orders are possible with the {3-1-1-1} Pattern:




Friday’s General Order was a [1-1-3-1] and the Specific Order was a 0 0 1 3 1 1.

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